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Data is more than ever a heritage on which the company must rely. Data control is a major issue with benefits for:

  • Customer relationship management

  • Strategic and commercial management, in particular commissioning functions

  • Financial analyzes

  • Regulatory reporting under pressure from regulators

  • Operational staff for the fluidity of processes Measure

  • Understand and anticipate financial and operational performance

Datafrica-Consulting supports its clients in the implementation of the different stages of the decision-making chain:


  • Modeling of architectures (business, functional and technical)

  • Control, standardization and historization of collected data

  • Consolidation and implementation of indicators

  • Creation of reports dedicated to different consumers

  • Guarantee of the consistency, integrity and quality of the information made available

Our missions:

  • Audit and diagnosis of decision-making IS.

  • Assistance in choosing the solution

  • Design and production of Datawarehouses, business Datamarts, reports and dashboards ...

  • Restitution and Dataviz: reporting and visual analysis.

  • BI Mobile: constant access to information

  • Datamining

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